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Who's Your Donor? Creating Donor Personas

(March 27, 2019)  It’s tempting to think that anyone with a bank account is a potential donor but what makes someone give to one organization over another? With the basic understanding that our current donors are the best indicators of who our potential donors will be, we need to know as much about the lives, interests and motivations of those current donors to find new ones. This session moves us from the traditional approach to creating donor personas to a more systematic process. The result: a strong, segmented and donor-first approach to your fundraising outreach and communications.

Participants will learn:

  • How to create donor personas
  • How to use those personas when planning outreach and communications

Presenter: Gail Straus has worked with agencies and nonprofit organizations for over 40 years as a communication and marketing research and planning consultant. Gail specializes in understanding audience needs and translating those needs into communications and outreach activities that strengthen nonprofit organizations.