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Tracking It Down: Get Your Board In Sync on Donor Outreach

Who are your best advocates and are they saying what you need them to say to the right people in the right way? Some people may have long-standing relationships with donors and are reluctant to share the insight they have, or maybe there are so many moving pieces you don’t even know where to begin. Your organization may have wonderful advocates who are passionate about your mission and vision, but how do you know what they’re saying, to whom, about what? Your goal is to collect the information, put it all in one place, and manage the relationship building so you can implement short and long term strategies. In this webinar, I’ll walk through the creation of tools and the implementation of tricks to get everyone who has contact with donors to clue you in on what those conversations are, when they happened, what the follow up steps should be, and how to manage the entire moves management process.

  • How to create a mini portfolio for your fundraising volunteers
  • How to track their contacts/moves management with donors and prospects
  • How to create simple forms/strategic boundaries that take the pressure off volunteers to do extra work, but give you the information you need