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Making the Most of Your Virtual and Hybrid Events


We now have a year of online fundraisers under our belts and the nonprofit community realizes the extended opportunities brought by virtual and hybrid events. What started out as an event genre born of necessity from the pandemic, virtual events seem destined to become a permanent part of the fundraising landscape.

Now we need to focus on how to craft virtual and hybrid events that continue to excite and engage your stakeholders, and how to use online events’ extended reach to realize a higher conversion rate of guests to donors.

Also, with all the uncertainty surrounding live gatherings we need to understand how to gage when to cancel or reschedule your live fundraising events and how to bring them back into the virtual world.

In this webinar, nonprofit event expert A.J. Steinberg, CFRE, of Queen Bee Fundraising will lead you through the world of virtual and hybrid events with insights into best practices and strategies to ensure your events maximize engagement and revenue. Drawing on her 20 years’ experience as a nonprofit event producer, A.J. will outline the art and science which allows you to cultivate relationships with virtual attendees that last long after the cameras have been shut off and the AV has gone home.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How to ramp up engagement and excitement leading up to virtual and hybrid events
  • How to create virtual sponsorship opportunities that sell
  • How to open hearts and wallets during virtual and hybrid events
  • How to create a post-event engagement strategy that turns guests into donors
  • How to foresee if your live events will need to be cancelled, rescheduled, or take them virtual
This webinar is a must for any organization that plans to host virtual and hybrid events in 2021 and beyond!


  • A.J. Steinberg, CFRE

    Professional Event Planner and Engagement Strategist A.J. Steinberg, CFRE has produced over 100 events and raised millions of dollars for nonprofits. With her company Queen Bee Fundraising, she shares her 20+ years of experience, strategies, and insight with organizations through workshops, webinars and consulting.

August 11, 2021
Wed 1:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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