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I’m New and I Want to Be Good! Jumpstart Your Career with 8 Great Tips


As we advance in our career it's easy to look back and say "I wish I knew this sooner!" By attending this session, you will learn those key tips from a seasoned fundraiser that will move you forward faster. You'll hear about the things you need to learn about your organization, key words and phrases that sound much better than "I'm a fundraiser," and "please make a donation." More importantly, you will leave with the confidence that is needed to help you better engage with donors and prospects.

In this session we will discuss the following objectives:

  • Help you better understand what you do and why you do it, and how to share that with others
  • Review things you need to know about your organization to be more successful
  • Help craft/develop your message or “elevator speech”
  • Talk about critical steps to building and maintaining relationships with prospects/donors
  • Discuss the value of a mentor and your AFP chapter
  • Send you out of here with Mark’s 8 Be’s to help you achieve success!


  • Mark Chilutti

    Mark Chilutti has raised over $30 million to improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities during his 20+ year career at Magee Rehab Hospital in Philadelphia. His specialties are major and planned giving, and finding creative ways to help donors make an impact at this small, 83 bed hospital.

    He became a CFRE in 2006 and has recertified every 3 years since then. Mark is a distinguished public speaker, and a frequent presenter for his AFP Chapter, AFP ICON, and global webinars on donor stewardship. He became an Eagle Scout at the age of 14 and is still a top volunteer on all levels with the Boy Scouts of America. He is also a former wheelchair tennis player.

January 26, 2022
Wed 1:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 0M

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