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No More Bad Events! Turning Lackluster Events into Transformational Experiences


Nonprofits often complain that live fundraising events take too much time and too many resources to produce. They are frustrated by their boards’ lack of participation and the difficulties they face selling tickets and sponsorships. They feel the ROI just isn’t worth it.

NEWSFLASH: The problem isn’t bad events; the problem is bad planning and execution!

The good news is that transforming your lackluster events into high-fiving successes won’t take a bigger budget or more staff workload. Successful events are possible by using simple strategies that focus on people – those you want to assist you plan the event, those you want to attend the event, and those you want to stay in touch with after the event.

Twenty-year nonprofit event producer and engagement strategist A.J. Steinberg, CFRE, of Queen Bee Fundraising has produced over 100 successful events and raised millions of dollars for her clients, and in this webinar, she will show you the steps take to:

  • revive flagging fundraising events
  • recruit rockstar event committees and honorees
  • open hearts and wallets at your events
  • keep the love flowing after the event is done

For any organization looking to create events that are more profitable and engaging, this is the webinar for you!



  • A.J. Steinberg, CFRE

    With over 20 years’ experience as a nonprofit event planner and engagement strategist, A.J. Steinberg has produced over 100 successful events and raised millions of dollars for organizations with her Los Angeles-based production company. In 2015 A.J. launched Queen Bee Fundraising to share the art of nonprofit event planning and engagement strategies with organizations worldwide. She is a recognized topic expert and trainer, and presents on subjects such as nonprofit event planning, event sponsorships, committee and volunteer leadership, generational giving, and guest engagement.

May 18, 2022
Wed 1:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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