October 25, 2017 |Are Distractions Affecting Your Sustainability?

October 25, 2017
Wed 3:00 PM EDT

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We often think our workplace is the 'norm'? What if 'the norm' is a disorganized, chaotic workplace full of distractions that sap energy, resources and opportunity from staff and financial security from the charity? Learn how to remove distractions to create a more productive workplace, decrease unwanted stress and meet your financial goals.


  • Sharron Batsch

    Batsch Group Inc

    Sharron Batsch is a member of AFP and has been associated with AHP over the past 16 years. Sharron has successfully chaired conferences, AFP Philanthropy Day and other fundraising events. Her background spans work in the private sector as an entrepreneur and consultant, teaching computer technology for technical schools and universities. She has committed the last 25 years to working with the not for profit sector as the developer of @EASE Fund Development Software which is used across Canada and in the USA. Sharron developed and marketed a Knowledge Management System to the private sector receiving recognition nationally and in Alberta from the Canadian Consulting Engineers. Sharron has written “from CHAOS to CONTROL” to help the many charities who struggle with the management of their resources, donor information and time.