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Creating Balance During Hormone Transitions [1912]

Women are cyclical beings and attunement to our cycle is our source of power. This presentation identifies natural hormonal transitions and how to support women in staying in balance or returning to balance during hormone fluctuations. Prevention begins with communication, the celebration of menarche and teaching girls to honor and love their bodies. Pre-menopausal imbalance and treatment will evolve around PMS, menstrual migraines, dysmenorrhea and PCOS. There will be a review of the connection between PMS and post-partum depression including both the prevention of post-partum depression and its treatment. The peri-menopausal journey pearls will include a comprehensive look at lifestyle, the importance of taking time to re-evaluate our lives and health, nutritional and botanical interventions as well as an update on hormones, both its safety and prescriptions. Post menopause will include the power of the wise woman, osteoporosis, genitourinary syndrome of menopause, and sexuality throughout our lives. Each hormone transition will culminate in a string of pearls, health options to take home to your practice. The presentation will close with a video touching the soul of women as they experience the seasons of our lives.

Faculty: Moira Fitzpatrick, ND, PhD

Faculty Disclosures: This speaker has no relevant relationships with commercial interests to disclose.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Create a comprehensive treatment plan for women suffering from PCOS with the goal of improving insulin sensitivity and regulating menstrual cycles
  2. Create a comprehensive treatment plan for women challenged at both the beginning and end of the peri-menopause transition
  3. Identify and intervene in the woman struggling with PMS to prevent or decrease challenges during the post-partum transition and peri-menopause
  4. Identify the window of optimal hormone therapy, the risks and benefits of hormone therapy and how to prescribe hormones based upon the symptoms, age and health of the woman
  5. Support women at various ages in embracing her sexuality and sensuality

CME/CEU Credits:
  1. Physicians: maximum of 1.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™
  2. All other healthcare professionals completing this activity will be issued a certificate of participation.
Physicians should claim only those credits that reflect the time actually spent in the activity. To successfully earn credit, participants must review the content and complete the activity evaluation, followed by the post-test online during the subscription period.

This course is CME-eligible for a 2-year period ending on June 24, 2022. After the two-year time period, you will continue to have access to your purchased content, however you will no longer be able to claim CME credits for your participation in the course.