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Implementing Functional Nutrition [1824]

Join P. Michael Stone MD, MS for the ABCD of the Functional Nutrition Exam, then explore effective interventions to bring clinical nutrition into your practice. You will be involved in performing simple aspects of the Nutrition Oriented Physical exam so you can see more of the functional connections between the physical exam and underlying conditions. Begin to understand underlying clinical conditions and move towards a personalized food plan. Key features of functional nutrition fundamentals will be reviewed and highlighted in two common cases seen in primary care practices. Start your next Monday morning with a few more tools to assess nutritional status and its contribution to root cause medicine your clients.

Faculty: P. Michael Stone, MD, MS

Faculty Disclosures: P. Michael Stone, MD, MS is on the Advisory Board for Metagenics, and is a consultant in research for Metagenics and Living Matrix.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Identify common nutrient deficiencies through the Nutrition-oriented Physical Exam
  2. Demonstrate a Functional Nutrition mouth, finger and toenail, and peripheral nerve exam
  3. Apply the Phytonutrient Suite and Mito Food Plan to personalize your patients dietary interventions

The CME for this course has expired, however you will continue to have access to your purchased content. This course was CME-eligible for a 2-year period ending on December 31, 2020.