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Drafting Joint Development Agreements In View of Recent Guidance from the Defend Trade Secrets Act and the International Trade Commission Jurisprudence

Original air date: 10/2/18

With Asia rising and technologies booming, cross-the-border transactions continue to rise. What sits front and center in this growth path is interest in protection of intellectual property ("IP") rights. Among the various forms of IP rights, trade secret stands out due to its nature of secrecy and fluidity which together impart delicate uncertainty onto these transactions, such as joint development agreements ("JDAs") associating parties of different nations.

This webinar aims to provide an overview of recent progress made in the trade secrets law and along the enforcement platforms, and to offer practice points on how to or how not to draft JDAs in view of learnings from the trade secrets jurisprudence.

Presented by:

David Bohrer of Greenfield Draa & Harrington LLP
Jerry Cohen of Burns Levinson
Martin Chester of Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

Moderated by:
Junqi Hang of Dragon IP