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Making Intelligent PCT Choices

Original air date: 3/21/18 

Making Intelligent PCT Choices - The PCT timeline is made up of a series of strategic choices. Starting with whether to file an international application, this webinar will review the choices that attorneys need to make on behalf of their clients, and it provide tips and guidance to ensure that attorneys choose the best options throughout the PCT international phase.

The PCT is not a one-size-fits-all system. It requires thoughtful case-by-case analysis to reap its full range of benefits. Among the topics discussed are: Whether to file a PCT application or file direct national applications; When to file at the USPTO Receiving Office (RO/US) and when at the International Bureau (RO/IB); How to select the International Searching Authority that is best for each application;  Whether to respond to the International Search Report and Written Opinion How to select national phase entry countries.

Presented by:

Jay Erstling of Patterson Thuente IP
Carl Oppedahl of Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC