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Doctrine of Equivalents and Estoppel in Biotech: What is There to Lose or Gain?

Original air date: 12/18/19

Every patent attorney is well aware of the Doctrines of Equivalents and Estoppel. But the application of these two doctrines is very unpredictable in biotechnology. Recent case law has brought some more examples to follow but there is much to learn on prosecution and litigation strategies to maneuver and take advantage of these doctrines.

Our speakers will present very insightful views on the subject. Kevin Noonan, a celebrated blogger with Patent Docs will bring his extensive and critical blogger views and Amanda Murphy, a partner at Finnegan, will focus on prosecution strategies. Both speakers are bound to share significant experience and answer questions in a very insightful way.

Kevin Noonan & Amanda Murphy
Coordinator: Carla Mouta-Bellum