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Updates on Section 101

Original air date: 1/22/20.

In this webinar, Robert Sachs explores the five years of widely divergent court decisions after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Alice v. CLS Bank decision with a focus on software-related inventions. Then, Andrew Freistein turns to the life sciences and describes how the Federal Circuit’s hands have been tied, and the call for help in Athena v. Mayo. Attendees will benefit from in-depth analytics of §101 including litigation trends before and after the Alice decision and a break down of data by examining how the courts decide §101 motions according to the underlying patented technology. Attendees will also hear predictions about the §101 landscape from the software-related and life science technology perspectives.

Presented by:

Robert Sachs of Robert R. Sachs PC
Andrew Freistein of Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.