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Inherency Doctrine and PTAB Reversals: What Does the Data Show?

Original Air Date: 3/11/20.

The results of a recent paper published in the JPTOS (Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society) showed that rejections based on the inherency Doctrine are reversed by the PTAB at a surprisingly high rate. This webinar will examine the data behind this study, explore why Examiners may struggle with it, and propose creative strategies practitioners can use to overcome difficult prior art rejections. If an Examiner has ever found your client's evidence of unexpected results unpersuasive, this webinar may have your solution. The presenters for this webinar include the author of the JPTOS paper (Ryan Pool) and PTAB Judge Jeffrey Robertson.

Presented by:

Ryan Pool of Millen White Zelano & Branigan
Judge Jeffrey Robertson of USPTO