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2020 Trade Secret Law Summit - Weekly Webinar Series

This item is expired.

This course has expired and is no longer eligible for CLE.

Strengthen your trade secret skills with this four-part online summit that brings together leaders in the field of trade secret law with after-session networking opportunities.  Webinars are held from 2-3:30 pm, Eastern for 4 consecutive Wednesdays starting August 12, 2020.

Topics Covered: 
  • Legislative and Judicial Trends in Trade Secret Law
  • Litigation Funding in Trade Secrets Cases
  • Forensics and Artificial Intelligence in Trade Secret Protection and Litigation
  • What You Need to Know About Ex Parte Seizures under the DTSA
  • Proving Damages in Trade Secret Litigation
  • Arbitration and Jury Trials in Trades Secrets Disputes
  • Judicial Perspectives on Trade Secret Matters
  • Ethics in Trade Secret Investigations and Litigation

The Trade Secret Law Summit can be purchased as a full package or by individual session. 

Click a session below to view speaker information and session summaries.