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Patenting AI and the Lifecycle of an AI Patent

Original air date: 6.11.20.   A deep dive into strategies for drafting and prosecuting patent applications relating to AI inventions. We will start by going over some recent trends in AI innovation. We will focus on an “AI System Overview” perspective that in-house counsel can use to bucket and prioritize AI inventions, prosecutors can use to draft AI claims, and litigators can use to access infringement and damages. Using many real examples, we will discuss a “Framework for Drafting AI Claims,” plus ideas for infringement detection. We will conclude by discussing prosecution strategies involving examiner interviews, a proposed silver bullet for overcoming/preempting §101 Rejections, and how to concurrently prosecute AI applications in the US and Europe using a so-called “Shadow European Prosecution” approach.

Presented by: Sikander M. Khan of Haynes Beffel & Wolfeld

This webinar was part of the 2020 ECPLS virtual web series