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Patent Practitioners, Be On Guard: Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over the Practice of Patent Law - How an AI created the title for this talk, and what it means for your patent practice

Original air date: 10.13.21.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the practice of patent law. But how, exactly, does AI affect patent practice, and what should patent counsel expect to achieve when implementing AI tools? Moreover, what are the unique pressures and challenges patent counsel must overcome to introduce AI tools to their organization? With cost pressures from clients and managers who have easy access to data analytics about patent counsel performance, how will AI help law firms and in-house teams overcome these pressures?

Hear from industry experts, who will provide a framework for patent counsel to quantify the value of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies in practice, as well as specific examples of its use. Common misconceptions about the capabilities of AI will be debunked as they describe what you should, and, importantly, should not expect when adopting AI tools. Functionality will be discussed, as well as how current limitations may evolve in the future.

The webinar will also include a round-table discussion between in house, private practice, and knowledge management attorneys who have introduced AI tools to their teams. They’ll discuss implementation challenges, barriers to adoption, and how an organization’s structure can influence its evaluation of such tools.

Presented by: Stephanie Curcio of Legalicity (NLPatent); Jason Adaska of Holland & Hart LLP; Hayley Talbert of Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP ; Jeffrey Woodworth of HP Inc.; and Harry Surden of University of Colorado

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