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Overcoming Challenges for Obtaining Effective Antibody Patent Protection

 Antibodies are one of the main workhorses of biotechnology. They can be used diagnostically, therapeutically, and analytically. However, despite their widespread use, they are one of the most difficult of all inventions to effectively patent. The interplay of the written description and enablement requirements, combined with the unpredictability of this art, tends to restrict inventors to narrow claims. This webinar will discuss the obstacles to broadly claiming antibodies, ways to avoid such obstacles, international claiming strategies, data collection concerns, and the roll of prior art searches in patenting antibodies.
This webinar will address the following questions:
  • How to obtain to broadest and strongest possible patent protection (in the US and abroad)?
  • How to successfully navigate the antibody patentability minefield?
  • How much data is enough? When to send the inventors back to the lab.
  • What does a good prior art search look like?
Presented by: Nicholas Landau of Maynard Cooper & Gale and Craig Svoboda of Alvotech USA Inc