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Practical and Tactical- Navigating Through Financial Aid Season

AISAP is proud to partner with Alisa Evans of Mission Enrollment on a seven-week online course designed to guide you through the rigors of financial aid season.

Regardless of the financial aid platform your school uses, we’ll train you to review, assess and award applicants in a practical and tactical way. How? By using proven protocols, checklists and awarding strategies to align with your unique enrollment goals. Each class we’ll tackle a different aspect of running a financial aid program. Not only will you have a one hour session but you will gain access to lots of sample materials, documents and support.

You’ll learn to:
  • Forecast your financial aid budget for the season ahead
  • Consistently review and assess folders using Mission Enrollment checklists and techniques
  • Accurately assess applications from business owners
  • Equitably manage an aid program for faculty and staff
  • Successfully manage appeals
  • Create and deliver dynamic year-end reports for your HOS and Board

Each class connects to the next and you’ll be able to come back to these sessions at any time. You will find that new materials will be loaded from time to time to help support you in this journey. Even though it isn’t a live class now, you can email Alisa Evans questions along the way. Plus, you’ll earn seven CECs when you complete the course. 

Course Outline

Lesson 1:  Preparing for the Financial Aid Season: Forecasting
Lesson 2:  Preparing for the Financial Aid Season: Communication is Critical
Lesson 3:  Properly Reviewing Financial Aid Applications
Lesson 4:  Diving Deep into Business Owners
Lesson 5:  Developing Best Practices for Faculty and Staff
Lesson 6:  Defining the Appeal Process
Lesson 7:  Reporting to Your Board     


Alisa Evans has been honing financial aid protocols and strategies while assisting independent schools for more than two decades. Using this methodology, schools have saved an average of $80,000-$100,000 in over-awards after contracting with Mission Enrollment.

You can reach Alisa at or on her website:

Debby Murphy has worked in Independent Schools for over 26 years. She is currently serving as AISAP’s Director of Education and Learning.

You can reach Debby at or at 203-421-7051 X109