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Net Tuition Revenue

Webinar Series Overview
What is Net Tuition Revenue and how can we be most strategic in reaching enrollment goals?  Join us for this webinar series to define and learn more about the benefits of Net Tuition Revenue, how to help others at your school understand it, and how to use it as a way to guide strategic thought for maximizing enrollment. 

Webinar Session – Part 1
Net Tuition Revenue 101: Shifting the Conversation and Focusing the Lens

Tuesday, March 31st @ 3 pm ET

In the opening Net Tuition Revenue discussion, we will define Net Tuition Revenue and examine how it can be used as a multi-faceted tool. We will also engage in some spreadsheeting exercises that will help you focus your thinking around Net Tuition Revenue and how it can help you better understand your admissions decisions on the macro and micro levels simultaneously.

Webinar Session – Part II
Net Tuition Revenue 102: How Thinking About Net Tuition Revenue in July Can Help You in March

Thursday, April 2nd @ 3 pm ET 

Moving beyond Net Tuition Revenue as a tool for enrollment, it can also function as a way to guide strategic planning and analyze trends and set goals for the coming admissions year. Doing this work over the summer will help lay the foundation for a successful approach throughout the fall/winter and yield good results in the spring.


Presenter: Andrew P. Cocco, M. Ed

A self-proclaimed Excel geek, Andrew is the Director of Enrollment Management at Montgomery School in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. He focuses on using data analytics and a net-revenue approach to financial aid and enrollment. His efforts also include community outreach strategies to drive engagement. Andrew believes that effective enrollment management is rooted in the balance of people, numbers, and mission. At home, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing bass guitar, and dabbling in carpentry.

Level of Experience:
  • Emerging (3-4 Yrs)
  • Advancing (5-9 Yrs)
  • Mastering (10+ Yrs)
Professional Competencies:
  • Business Insight
  • Decision Quality
  • Plans and Aligns
Professional Behaviors:
  • Showcase School Economic Savvy

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