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Enrollment Marketing Summit

There’s never been a more important time for front line marketers to embrace their roles at schools. But in order for you to distinguish your school from your competitors, you need to clearly demonstrate student learning, engagement, and outcomes. And the best way to accomplish that is by coaching your entire team to become differentiators.

The Enrollment Marketing Summit was designed for just that purpose. You’ll learn first hand from experts in the field how you can enhance enrollment through marketing communications plans that will resonate with your audience.

You’ll learn how you can:
  • Communicate enrollment goals, trends, and challenges to your head, board, school leadership team, and school community
  • Employ techniques to improve your verbal, non-verbal, and written skills
  • Leverage technology tools that will assist in implementing your marketing and communications plans
  • Apply effective strategies to better communicate with families
  • Create procedures to communicate sensitive information with tact while ensuring privacy

Flexible Format with Weekly Access to the Experts

This virtual event will provide participants with easily digestible, on-demand learning opportunities throughout March. The recorded content and resources are there for you when you are available, so there is no need to worry about making your schedule fit.

Experts and practitioners will conduct weekly live forums related to that week's content. They will give you and your colleagues a chance to lean in to what was shared, making each idea work for you. Additional conversations with our subject matter experts will focus on the big picture to help you plan and execute with more significant impact.


Week 1: The Admission Professional with a Marketing Mindset
Recording released: March 3
Ask the Experts: March 10 at 1:00 pm ET

Liz Yee
Director of Innovation
Truth Tree

Lauren Van Tol
Enrollment Associate
Lowell School

As admissions professionals, we know the hustle: give tours, interview students, process paperwork, enroll students, review data. And then do it over and over and over again. But of course, none of this work happens if we don’t have interested kids and families. Where does marketing fit into the admission mix? Join this engaging discussion as we unpack how school marketing has evolved over time and tackle the most important marketing competencies today’s admissions directors need to acquire.

Week 2: Value Proposition: Even a 150-Year-Old School Needs One
Recording Released: March 10
Ask the Experts: March 17 at 1:00 pm ET

Maria Kadison
CEO & President
Edwards Co

Kathy LaBranche
Director of Admissions
Trinity College School

Rebecca De Silva
Manager of Admissions Engagement 
Trinity College School

Listen to this insightful conversation about the triumphs and pitfalls while developing Trinity College School’s value proposition. They will share why and how they did it and how to drive both admission and retention.

Week 3: Market Research: What it is and why it Matters for Your School
Recording Released: March 17
Ask the Expert: March 24 at 1:00 pm et

Jonathan Oleisky
Kalix Marketing

What if your school knew:

  • What prospective families valued most often when selecting a school for their child?
  • What people were really saying about your school: the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly?
  • What factors actually drive your enrollment now and in the future?
  • What your optimal tuition price point should be, relative to your value to your audience?
Market research uncovers exactly what your audiences are thinking about your school. Leveraging data from a well-designed market research study can be a game-changer for a school. Join us to demystify the basics of market research and share how best to use it to inform a more effective marketing strategy.

Week 4: Do Ads Actually Drive Enrollment?
Recording released March 24
Ask the Experts: March 31 at 1:00 pm ET 

Angie Ward
Founder & President
Enroll Media Group

Sandra Santana
Digital Marketing Strategist
Emma Willard School

The Internet is a noisy place. Are you wondering if running those online advertisements is a waste of money? Let’s dive into what digital advertising really is working for schools today, and which ones are a bust. We will also dive into how you can determine which advertising channels work best for YOUR school so you can cut through the noise and maximize your precious marketing dollars in a customized and personalized way.

WEEK 5: Parent Experience Drives Enrollment Marketing

Chuck English
English Marketing Works

Laurie Beth Sweeney
Chief Experience Officer & Director of Development
The Wellington School

The parent experience is the key to enrollment marketing success as well as the bridge between retention and recruitment efforts. Find out more about the parent experience and why it is critical to enrollment marketing. Then, hear about how an experience model is actually driving both retention and recruitment results at The Wellington School.

CEC's Offered
Continuing Education Credits:

Course L&D Competencies

AISAP Learning and Development Framework
Competency 3: Demonstrate exemplary communication skills appropriate to the unique landscape of education.

Notes for the Enrollment Marketing Summit
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