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Aesthetic CME/CEU/CE Webinar: The NEW Emergency Injector Protocols & 2019's HOT Moneymakers


The American MedAesthetic Association (AMAA) is Dedicated to the Ultimate in CME/CEU/CE Training for Doctors, Nurses, and PAs who Specialize in Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Medicine .  For 2019, we present 90-minute (1.5 CME/CEU/CE) LIVE Webinars you can attend by computer link in the convenience of your own office without the cost and time for travel--or simply view it later ON-Demand for credit--by two of the USA's TOP Thought Leaders, National Lecturers, and Clinical Instructors:

--Dr. Lee describes how permanent  Blindness was prevented after the accidental injection of HA Filler into a facial blood vessel using the NEW SupraOrbital Technique as well as 2019's Emergency Hyaluronidase Enzyme Protocols*.  He discusses the advantages of using the SupraOrbital over the Retrobulbar Enzyme Technique.

--Dr. McCoy is focused upon the HOT Money Makers using Larger Volume & Dilution to create the POP or WOW--including gold micro-channeled needling with neuromodulator .  His use of photography incorporates what really happens to your face with aging to promote 2019's powerful and profitable patient treatment plan.


1)  Abstract:  Garry R. Lee, MD
Prevention of Blindness & Skin Necrosis After Injecting HA Fillers—NEW Emergency Enzyme 2019 Protocols* You NEED to KNOW .

As Juvederm, Restylane, and other hyaluronic acid filler injections become more common, there are increasing reports of blindness and skin necrosis from accidental injection into blood vessels.   Consequently, it's critical to know which protocols* were successful--or NOT--long before a crisis to create your own Emergency Protocol.

Dr. Lee is the National WINNER** of the USA's Top Three (3) Awards for Cosmetic Injections--in direct competition with hundreds of the Top Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Aesthetic Physicians in the country.  He describes the advantages of Mike Clague’s Brilliant NEW SupraOrbital hyaluronidase injection technique over the Retrobulbar hyaluronidase injection technique to prevent permanent blindness from emboli to the retinal artery--what every Juvederm and Restylane injector NEEDS* to KNOW. He also describes how to recognize vascular emergencies; DeLorenzi’s new high dosed pulsed hyaluronidase protocol; and Toscano’s Technique to reverse skin necrosis using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

*Protocols presented are for informational purposes only on techniques used in 2019 and are not defined as the definitive treatments at this time.  Consequently, your AMAA registration herein is your personal agreement that as the attendee, you are solely responsible for your own clinical decisions and their consequences and that the information presented does not constitute our professional medical advice or recommendations, but just the information of what has been successful to date by others who developed these protocols.  The AMAA and it's faculty and representatives specifically disclaim any liability of any kind in any circumstance for any direct or indirect economic loss or damage for any revenue or loss of profit--and that our presentations do not make any express, implied, or statuatury representations, guarantees, warranties, conditions, and obligations to you.

2)  Abstract:  J.D. McCoy, NMD

Combining Patient Education with Creative “Go For the Gold” Treatments to Elevate Clinical OUTCOME and REVENUE (Without a Big-Box Device)
The first step to elevate clinical results, requires the patient to be on board with an appropriate, comprehensive full facial treatment plan that delivers a great outcome. Tools will be discussed that educate the patient about what is really happening with their face. Examples include, use of facial volume change images (male and female), 3D photography or oblique view photos, and good before and after photos (your work). Through an enhanced understanding of their facial aging, patients will understand the breadth of a full facial treatment plan.

Pan-facial treatment addresses greater surface area, which translates into higher injection volumes.We will discuss novel approaches to use larger volumes of hyaluronic acid-based filler to create an instant pop/wow. Examples include, 3-syringe minimum, dilution strategy for doubling volume, staging treatment versus one-and-done, and pricing strategies.We will also discuss gold micro-channeled needling with neuromodulator and other condition specific ingredients to globally improve fine lines, pore size and light reflectivity.

Education of facial aging leads to treating the full face.The tools discussed should guide the treatment plan to an active component (the primary correction) and lead to a maintenance plan (keep the patient looking good). Synergy of these concepts creates an opportunity to go for the gold with each patient.