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MTConnect Standard: Essentials Suite

Your accelerated guide to MTConnect and the digital manufacturing ecosystem.

A free e-learning course that encompasses 200 minutes of total learning about MTConnect, the free, XML-based communications standard that is the backbone of the connected shop floor.

  • Transformative Technology in Manufacturing
  • An Overview of MTConnect
  • The Relevance of Standards in Manufacturing
  • MTConnect Architecture
  • MTConnect’s Document Organization
  • The MTConnect Agent
  • Data Management and Messaging Patterns
  • Request/Response Messaging Communication
  • Information Collection
  • The Getting Started Guide
The Essentials Suite is accessible to industry and academia, with modules that are a poignant source for an improved understanding of transformative technologies, IoT, Industry 4.0, and smart manufacturing.

NEW IN 2024: MT Connect Essentials has moved! Tooling U-SME now offers MT Connect Essentials as part of its extensive catalog of education products. Visit Tooling U-SME to learn more or enroll.