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MTConnect Standard: Essentials Suite

Welcome to the MTConnect Standard: Essentials education modules! 

These engaging, instructive modules encompass 200 minutes of total learning about MTConnect - a free, XML-based communications standard that is the backbone of the connected shop floor. Furthermore, these modules are designed to explain MTConnect’s role in the current technical landscape of manufacturing.

Topics include:

  • Transformative Technology in Manufacturing
  • An Overview of MTConnect
  • The Relevance of Standards in Manufacturing
  • MTConnect Architecture
  • MTConnect’s Document Organization
  • The MTConnect Agent
  • Data Management and Messaging Patterns
  • Request/Response Messaging Communication
  • Information Collection
  • The Getting Started Guide
With the increased demand for educational resources about transformative technology, IoT, Industry 4.0, and smart manufacturing, the MTConnect modules provide poignant and accessible content for academia and industry.