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MT Sales Fundamentals

Manufacturing Technology Sales Fundamentals is strategic professional development for recently hired salespeople and application engineers or service technicians migrating into sales. The course was developed by industry-veteran Dave Poling and features Steve Lesnewich, AMT Vice President, Member Services, and Greg Jones, AMT Vice President, Smartforce Development.

The e-learning course is self-paced and consists of an introduction plus 14 video-based learning modules. Topics cover everything from relationship-building skills, personal branding methods, and marketing techniques, to the "Fundamentals" and “The Six-Step Process of Sales” for our industry:

  1. Prospecting/Phone Qualifications
  2. Shop Tour & Survey
  3. Verification
  4. Justification
  5. Product Presentation
  6. Commitment
Upon completion of the learning modules, students submit two assignments as a final knowledge check. Users are encouraged to complete the course within 90 days. Access to the 14 learning modules will remain available for 6 months. Two final assignments must be submitted within 48 hours of completing all e-learning modules.

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Contact AMT to inquire about in-person MT Sales Fundamentals (MTSF) workshops. 
MTSF is an optional first step towards becoming a CMTSE, Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineer. Completion of MTSF does not result in CMTSE certification.