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MT Shop Basics

MT Shop Basics is a perfect cloud-based training solution for onboarding new-to-manufacturing employees or reskilling existing personnel who are shifting into a more technical role within your organization. The 48-class suite covers the basics of machine tools, cutting tools, workholding, quality control, and manufacturing process fundamentals, plus shop math, blueprint reading, GD&T, and more.

In this unique package, the learner completes 43 pre-selected classes and five additional classes of his or her preference, such as Set-Up Reduction, Intro to Robotics, Advanced Lean Metrics, and more. Most learners complete all 48 classes in two to three weeks.

  • Classes require approximately one hour to complete and include a vocabulary list, pre-test, and final exam.
  • Classes are text-based with audio voice-overs, video examples, photos, diagrams, and illustrations.
  • Learners may take virtual notes that are saved to the learning platform.
  • All classes are self-paced, and progress is auto-saved as the learner moves through each lesson.
  • Learners have one year to complete the suite. During that time, learners may revisit classes even after they are complete.
As with all MTUniversity courses, learner progress is tracked and completion results are reported to training managers, HR managers, or other managers and company principals. Successful completion of the Shop Basics Suite results in a custom certificate of completion.



Abrasives Intro to Abrasives 100
Grinding Processes 201
Basic Grinding Theory 221
Applied Mathematics Units of Measurement 112
CNC Introduction to CNC Machines 201
History and Definition of CNC 202
Basics of the CNC Lathe 211
Basics of the CNC Mill 212
Coordinates for the CNC Lathe 221
Coordinates for the CNC Mill 222
Basics of G Code Programming 231
Electrical Systems Electrical Units 101
Safety for Electrical Work 111
DC Power Sources 271
Inspection Basic Measurement 101
Basics of Tolerance 121
Blueprint Reading 131
Intro to GD&T 200 (1994)
Surface Texture and Inspection 201
Inspecting with CMMs 361
Lean Lean Manufacturing Overview 101
Introduction to Six Sigma 171
SPC Overview 211
Materials Introduction to Physical Properties 101
Introduction to Mechanical Properties 111
Introduction to Metals 121
Classification of Steel 201
Mechanical Systems Forces of Machines 121
Metal Cutting Intro to EDM 100
Safety for Metal Cutting 101
Cutting Processes 111
Overview of Machine Tools 121
Basic Cutting Theory 201
Lathe Tool Geometry 351
Press Brake Press Brake Components 110
Quality Quality Overview 111
Stamping Press Basics 110
Punch and Die Operations 120
Die Components 130

Coatings Introduction to Coating Composition 110
Surface Preparation for Coatings 120
Processes for Applying Coatings 140
Coating Defects 150
Troubleshooting Coating Defects 170
Composites Traditional Composites 125
Advanced Thermoset Resins for Composites 130
Advanced Materials for Composites 135
Lean Total Productive Maintenance Overview 141
Troubleshooting 181
Metrics for Lean 231
Strategies for Setup Reduction 251
Mechanical Systems Power Transmission Components 201
Mechanical Power Variables 202
Lubricant Fundamentals 211
Bearing Applications 221
Rigging Introduction to Machine Rigging 110
Rigging Equipment 120
Lifting and Moving Equipment 130
Rigging Inspection and Safety 210
Rigging Mechanics 220
Robotics Robot Components 120
End Effectors 125
Applications for Robots 130
Introduction to Robotics 201
Robot Safety 211
Safety Machine Guarding 140


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