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(PR-DIPF) Seating a Representative Jury

Course Description (1.5 Credit Hours PR-DIPF)
From how we greet the venire, to supervising attorney voir dire and jury selection—all play a crucial role in assuring a truly representative jury.

Judges will review the entire jury selection process, focusing on the full range of judicial authority to assure inclusion and a representative jury. Special attention will be paid to for cause challenges in civil and criminal cases involving the police and the latest in Batson caselaw coming out of the U.S. Supreme Court and Illinois appellate courts.

Chief Judges and TCAs will learn the advanced techniques used to get a representative venire to show up. Statutory mailing lists, mail list update techniques, duplicate removal techniques, fashioning a welcoming summons, and proximity weighted summons will be covered in detail.

Learning Objectives
As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Exercise discretion with for cause and peremptory challenges while being mindful of diversity (All)
  • Apply the latest Batson caselaw during jury selection (Judges)
  • Use the latest and most up-to-date techniques, including proximity-weighted summons, to achieve a representative venire. (Chief Judges and TCAs)