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Manual on Recordkeeping Version 4.1 - Module Two: My Cases

This is the second of four modules in the Manual on Recordkeeping Version 4.1 course series developed by the Supreme Court of Illinois Judicial College Committee on Circuit Court Clerk Education and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts Court Operations Staff.

As keeper of the court record, it is essential for Clerks to understand how records are maintained to follow all local rules, statutes, and Supreme Court Rules. This course, comprised of four (4) modules, will allow the participant to gain thorough knowledge of how to navigate the Manual on Recordkeeping with particular emphasis placed on updates effective January 1, 2022.

Module 2: My Records. Provides instruction on changes to the Basic Record including procedures to retain and destroy records, index and record sheet information, and records that are sealed, confidential, impounded, or expunged, and other documents such as wills and exhibits received during the course of a hearing or trial for both paper and electronic records.

Course Credit:

Learning Objectives
As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Navigate the index of the Manual on Recordkeeping
  2. Differentiate between Impounded, Confidential, Sealed, and Expunged records
  3. Explain the procedure for Wills and Exhibits