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(PR-DIPF) Increasing Access to Justice with Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Developed by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice and Court Access & Dispute Resolution Task Force of the Illinois Judicial Conference.

Course Description

A successful Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) program has the potential to
resolve conflicts quickly and remotely to the satisfaction of the parties and the court, especially in case types that often involve self-represented litigants and high volume. This course will provide a primer on court-based ODR programs and help participants explore and implement ODR to improve access to justice and enhance court administration.

Credit Hours: 1.0 (PR-DIPF)

Participant Learning Objective(s):
As a result of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Identify different forms of court ODR.
2. Understand what successful ODR programs achieve.
3. Make plans to implement a successful court ODR program, including what is
expected of Illinois judicial circuits engaging in ODR and funding opportunities.