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Administrative Issues and Speedy Trials

Course Description:
In response to the COVID pandemic, the Illinois Supreme Court issued a temporary order in Spring 2020 (M.R. 30370) suspending speedy trial rules in criminal cases and authorizing the Chief Judges of each circuit to continue trials until further order of the Court. The Court has since ordered that the suspension of speedy trials be vacated and speedy trial computations resume beginning October 1, 2021. This course will assist in investigating and identifying administrative issues surrounding the resumption of Speedy trial procedures.

Credit Hour: 1 hour

Learning Objective(s):
As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the sources providing us with the volume of cases concerned with Speedy trialsĀ 
  • Prioritize Speedy Trial Cases from the input from the various sources involvedĀ 
  • Monitor the readiness of the cases and reassess if necessary.