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(PR-DIPF) Harm Reduction Strategies, the Recovery Continuum, and Evidence-Based Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Course Description:  Harm reduction is a proactive and evidence‐based approach to reducing the negative personal and public health impacts of behavior associated with alcohol and other substance use at both the individual and community levels. This course will outline harm reduction strategies, the recovery continuum, and evidence‐based substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and discuss the role of courts in the development of an effective continuum of services that incorporates harm reduction principles.

Credit Hours: 1.5 hours (PR-DIPF)

Course Objective(s):
As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss harm reduction strategies and the recovery continuum
  • Incorporate harm reduction strategies in the development of effective treatment services for SUDs, particularly opioid use disorders
  • Apply principles of procedural fairness and bias mitigation through use of person‐ centered language in communications with persons with SUDs