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Webinar: Calm Focus 24/7

In this webinar Meg Harrison, owner of BlackWing Farms will be discussing with you in detail Calm Focus 24/7, which often requires mending negative past experiences, less-than-perfect existing patterns of learning, and rough attitudes. flower-based essences, homeopathic remedies, and pure essential oils repair, restore, and establish lifelong, positive behaviors ensuring cooperative relationships. Yes, there is that 1% and we will talk about them too!

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn why, how, and when these natural remedies will improve your practice and the quality of all the lives associated with your work.
2. Understand what to expect as a result of utilizing this unique process. Progress is rapid; Be ready to grow your business and reputation!
3. For all levels. For all canine, feline, and equine businesses including training, specialty training, service animals, shelters, kennels, pet sitters, and health care practitioners.

Meg Harrison, flower essence expert specializing in animal behavior, is the owner of BlackWing Farms. Meg has successfully helped thousands of behaviorally-challenged animals using unique blends of essences, essential oils, and/or homeopathic remedies. Working with trainers, health care practitioners, rescuers, fosters, clinics, and shelters nationwide, she facilitates positive change in the vast majority of cases, no matter how difficult or emotionally damaged. Her bio includes experience with 14 California wildfires, hands-on work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and during Hurricane Rita, two F-5 Texas tornadoes, rehabilitating rescues from puppy mills, hoarding cases, court ordered seizures, research labs, captured Mustang horses, dogs, feral and community cats, plus farm animals rescued from slaughter. For 40 years she has advocated for gentler, more effective ways to improve overall well-being and behavioral health of 24 species, including humans she has shared her experiences and hard-won knowledge with anyone who would listen whether in a lecture hall, walking shelter dogs, or during a natural disaster.
Meg has speaks at conferences and seminars around the country regularly, and she has authored articles in APDT’s Chronicle of the Dog.
No CEU awarded at this time.