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Webinar: Drive & Motivation Understanding the Cause of Behaviour (CEU 1)

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When changing behavior, we are often uniquely focused on the Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence sequence. However, less emphasis is placed on understanding the role of "drive" or motivation in behavior. Understanding and utilizing the concepts of Motivating Operations (MOs) from the field of Behavior Analysis, is a needed skill for every trainer in order to have a more complete understanding of why an animal does what it does. MOs will explain why some behavior seems to “come out of nowhere” with no antecedents in sight and why reinforcers may gain or lose value in a single moment. Attendees will learn complex topics, such as understanding the difference between Establishing and Abolishing Operations, Discriminative Stimuli and MOs, and the importance of MOs in extinction, appetitive and aversive conditioning, and unconditioned and conditioned MOs. Understanding these topics will allow attendees to have a more complete understanding of human and non-human animal behavior.

Speaker: Dr. Alexandra (Sasha) Protopopova, MS, PhD, CPDT-KA is an assistant professor in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences at Texas Tech University. The Human-Animal Interaction Lab, directed by Dr. Protopopova, systematically explores questions of companion animal well-being, behavior, and human-animal interactions. Her research aims are 1) to improve the well-being of dogs housed in animal shelters, 2) assess and develop therapy dog programs to benefit human health and educational outcomes, and 3) improve our general understanding of animal behavior. Dr. Protopopova earned an MS and a PhD in Behavior Analysis from University of Florida and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and is a frequent presenter in scientific and professional conferences. Dr. Protopopova spends her days conducting behavioral research, teaching university classes in Animal Shelter Management, and cuddling dogs.

CEU 1:
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