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Webinar: Reactive UrbanK9s – Helping Fearful/Reactive Dogs in a Busy Human World (CEU 1)

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Living with a reactive dog is challenging, especially if you live in the city. To help families with reactive dogs in the household, it is essential that trainers are helping these dogs feel safe in the urban environment and working towards them being able to safely participate in more of the family’s day-to-day activities. Megan has developed a Reactive urbanK9 program that focuses on integrating fearful/reactive canines back into our busy human world. Going far beyond management, Megan will share with you details of their membership-based group classes and day school training programs that are enabling reactive/fearful dogs to see greater success due to their exposure and training within the urban environment. This session will help you to elevate your programs, see greater success with the dogs and increase your revenue as you learn how to help reactive/fearful dogs navigate the city.
Learning Objectives:
Attendees of this session will learn how to safely and effectively run group classes to help reactive and/or fearful dogs. This presentation will provide detailed guidelines on how to ensure the right dogs are attending class, everyone stays safe and stress-free in a group class environment, a program outline and how to integrate these classes into your urban environment. Attendees will have a thorough understanding of a behaviour modification program to ensure that we are not just managing reactive/fearful dogs but helping them to successfully integrate back into our human world. This session will cover classroom management, key materials and exercises for your students and what’s required to teach these classes. Attendees can also expect to have a variety of options on ways to provide additional support outside of group classes for our reactive/fearful dogs to help them in the urban environment. Learn how to elevate your programs and gain more success with our reactive dogs to help create a safer canine community in your local city!

Megan Stanley, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, is the owner of Dogma Training & Pet Services Inc. in Calgary, Canada. Through Dogma, Megan developed a unique and comprehensive dog training apprenticeship program that is one of a kind in Canada. She started her professional dog training career as the Internal Canine Behavior coordinator at the Calgary Humane Society. Megan also was a founding member and president of the Pause4Change Rescue Foundation and served on the Animal Rescue Foundation board. She was the designated trainer for the Alberta Rescue Foundation and a consultant for Cochrane Humane Society, transitioning both of these organizations to become leaders in training. She has also been a certified mentor trainer for Animal Behavior College. Most recently, Megan launched to create a community of support and sharing for entrepreneurs.

Note: This course has attendance prompts throughout the webinar in order to get CEUs.

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