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Webinar: 2021 APDT Conference Bonus Content (CEU 9)

This is a bundle package of 9 webinars, with a variety of topics to help you in your everyday business of dog training. 

What’s Up Dock? Dock Diving Foundations From The Ground Up
Mandy Eakins, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP
Foundation training for dock diving doesn’t happen anywhere near the dock or the water. This session covers foundation skills to help build drive and confidence needed for the dock that you can do in your own back yard.

The Potty Problem: A study on puppy potty training

Alexandre Rossi, Veterinary Behaviorist, M.S. in Psychology and Sarah Rodriguez CPDT, B.A. in Psychology, Fear Free Certified
All levels
Track(s): Animal Behavior, Canine Behavior
Potty training is one of the most common complaints new puppy parents have, yet we have very little data on the issue. Alexandre Rossi and Sarah Rodriguez conducted a study to find answers to some of the most common potty training questions clients ask trainers. They will use the information gathered from the study to answer questions such as “Is it normal for my puppy to still be having accidents at this age?”; “How long will it take to potty train my puppy?”; “Is it faster to teach them to go potty indoors or outdoors?”, and much more. Alexandre and Sarah will discuss their research findings and talk about how trainers can use this information to help clients achieve potty training success.

Separation Anxiety in a Post-COVID World
Amy L. Pike, DVM, DACVB
All levels
Track(s): Animal Behavior
In this webinar we will discuss the concerns that many trainers, veterinarians, and veterinary behaviorists share: what happens to all these dogs (and cats) when everyone goes back to work? Will we see a big uptick in separation anxiety? We will discuss how to diagnoses separation anxiety (and other often confused diagnoses and co-morbidities), and how you can start preparing clients now, and how to treat it once it occurs.

Using Enrichment to Improve Outcomes
All levels
Track(s): Animal Behavior
The client is managing the environment and training the dog, and yet you’re not seeing the level of improvement you hoped for. Sometimes what’s missing is the right enrichment. In this session, Irith Bloom will discuss different types of enrichment and how best to use them to help dogs (and their people) succeed.

Tellington TTouch® Method: Techniques for the Toolbox
Clare Swanger, MBA, Senior Practitioner Tellington TTouch® Method
All levels
Track(s): Animal Learning, Canine Learning, Human Learning
The session covers Tellington TTouch® techniques you can use immediately. The materials include key components of the TTouch Method. There will be real-time
opportunities for hands-on learning.

Puppy Foundations: Starting clients off on the right paw for a lifetime of behavioral well-being.
Sara Ondrako, CDBC
Intermediate level
Track(s): Canine Behavior
As trainers, you know about critical social and fear periods and what happens (or doesn’t happen) during those periods can lead to traumatic behavioral outcomes in adult dogs. But what does safe socialization early-on actually entail? How can you ensure you are setting pet parents up for success in meeting those critical needs as they begin their journey with their new furry family members? This segment will walk you through the science for your behavior toolbox starting from in-utero through the first year of life for a developing puppy, as well as help you navigate scenarios where some of those critical events were already missed.

What the K9 Nose Knows
Nathan Hall, Ph.D.
All levels
Track(s): Animal Behavior, Canine Behavior
Dogs are trained in a variety of detection tasks for work and sport. This talk will provide a broad overview of the scientific status of what is known about the canine sense of smell. I will focus on recent research highlighting how canine perception and detection is related to the training and will provide guidance on how modify training to optimize the performance of working and sport detection dogs.

Little Things, Big Impact: Grow your business through client satisfaction as free marketing

Mandy Eakins, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP
All levels
Track(s): Business
Looking forward to working with “that” client and wishing you had 50 more like them? It’s the little things that have the biggest impact on your clients and their perceived value of your service. Learn tips on how to secure the approval of your clients and their likelihood of referring more clients like themselves to you.

The Essence of Human and Animal Behavior  
Meg Harrison 
All Levels 
Tracks(s) Human Learning 
What is a flower essence? Well, sit back and relax while this session provides you with the basics about flower essences and how you can utilize in your everyday training business. Learn the benefits of using flower essences that will improve human and animal behaviors. Meg is sure to bring some calm back into your life!


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Note access to the on demand virtual conference ends September 30, 2022.