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Webinar: Dominance: Myth or Fact? A Detailed Look at What the Science Says (CEU=1.5)

This webinar will focus on the subject of dominance and dominance hierarchies from an ethological perspective. We’ll first discuss the definition of dominance in the scientific literature and the function of dominance hierarchies in social species. Then we'll take a detailed look at the research on dominance in wolves and domestic dogs and the discussions taking place in the scientific literature, moving away from the rhetoric and focus on the facts.

Kristina Spaulding PhD, CAAB owns Smart Dog Training and Behavior LLC and specializes in the prevention and treatment of behavior problems in dogs. Kristina has a PhD in Biopsychology, studying the social cognition, evolution and behavior of dogs. She regularly sees private training clients and also oversees a variety of family dog training classes. In addition, she has taught Learning for APDT for several years, is a member of the APDT Education Committee, the APDT Foundation and the Fear Free Advisory Group. She also offers online seminars on current dog behavior research.


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Note once a webinar is purchased there is no refund, webinars expire 90 days from purchase date.