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Webinar: Thinking Outside the Box: Add another Tool to Your Tool Box (CEU=0)

This is a re-play of the  live webinar with Meg Harrison. This webinar will encompass Personality Challenges: Pets and Their People Help for the hard to help: Anxious, Bold, Crazymakers, Difficult, En-richable, and all of the above.

Meg will discuss methods and remedies for problematic behaviors that interfere with calm, quiet, adaptable dogs at home and in public. Develop co-operative relationships no matter past circumstances including: trauma, abuse, neglect, lack of socialization, and chronic problems now manifested as “bad” behavior. 

Good news is that this approach works for trainers, owners, and professionals obliged to interact with dogs in difficult mental and emotional states. How often have we heard: “the dog was good for me” but the good manners and calm focus did not transfer to the training/boarding facility, groomer, and vet office? Learn how and why there can be positive permanent improvement, no matter the cause or existing environment, be it a living room, yard, shelter, or during an actual emergency.

Learn how and why these new collaborative behaviors quickly become the dog’s most valued reward. Overcome and eliminate fears, phobias, and confusion that manifest as nervous, shy, brash, impulsive, and/or unpredictable actions of dogs (and their people). Bring problems to discuss. 
NO CEUS Awarded for this webinar