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Webinar: Be a Better Teacher, Be a Better Trainer: Intro to Teaching Basics (CEU .5)

As trainers, we of course spend a lot of time training dogs, but more than likely we spend most of our time training people to train dogs. Teaching people isn’t easy, but it’s paramount to what we do. We know all dogs do not learn in the same way or within the same time frame: people don’t either. Just like we vary the rewards for dogs to keep learning interesting and fun, the same goes for people: we need different stimuli and we need to feel reinforced that we are making progress.
This webinar comes from a teacher’s perspective who has more than a decade of public education experience, and it focuses on the basics of building a good lesson plan for training sessions. We will cover how to construct a solid dog training lesson geared toward people that appeals to a variety of learning styles. The basics will include identifying training objectives and how to organize lessons based on the objectives while also emphasizing effective time management.
We will also cover different methods to check for understanding and look at how building confidence in pet parents’ abilities correlates with their dogs’ success. Discussions will show connections between how both dogs and people learn and how you can use these similarities to maximize training sessions.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
1.Identify objective/s for any given class
2.Organize & teach class based on objective/s
3.Formulate ways to check for understanding of class objective/s
4.Analyze effective time management

Rachel Brix, CPDT-KA, is a veteran high school teacher who, inspired by her dog Percy, resigned to pursue a full-time career with dogs. She has been teaching people and training dogs for a combined 20 years. Rachel was Lead Trainer at Petco before she went on to run her own grooming and training business. Her passion is rescue dogs, and she has also managed two animal shelters.
She is very involved in diverse animal advocacy efforts. In addition to working on the campaign for what eventually became Missouri’s Canine Cruelty Prevention Act and various other dog-related initiatives in the region, she pioneered the first and only city-wide wild animal circus ban in Arkansas that passed in 2015. Rachel also spearheaded the committee that built Carroll County, Arkansas’ first and only dog park in 2014.
Rachel is also a writer and a speaker. She has been published in several issues of The APDT Chronicle of the Dog
, one of her articles being nominated for a 2017 Dog Writers Association of America Award. Rachel has given numerous speeches to communities, committees and local governments advocating for improved animal welfare. She is also returning for the second year in a row to present a short at the annual APDT Conference.

CEUs: .5
To obtain CEUS when you have completed watching the webinar yo must take the survey, and then you can download your certificate of completion. E-mail your certificate of completion to along with your CCPDT certificate number, or if you need IAABC. All others email certificate to your issuing organization.