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Basics of Archery Retail

       Every archery business is unique. Identifying the path to success and making a play is vitally important, no matter your business model.

Since there isn't a universal path to success for an archery retailer, this course will guide you through a series of questions in different areas of your business. The questions are designed to chart the right path for you. By thinking critically and answering these questions honestly, you will be able to identify where you have the most likelihood of success and where you will face the largest challenges.

The Basics of Archery Retail course includes presentations and resources that will give you and your business the confidence to thrive. 

  • How to Create a Game Plan
    • Kurt Smith (ATA)
  • Evaluate Aspects of Your Business
    • Customer Experience
    • Facility Setup
    • Inventory Selection
    • Merchandising
    • Programs, Classes, and Lessons
    • Profitability
  • Step-by-step Guide to Business Plan
    • Submit your plan for review

Purchase Includes:

  • Unlimited access to all course content
  • Videos covering key elements of starting a retail archery business
  • Documents and Additional Resources
  • Personalized feedback from ATA Staff


  • Members: FREE
  • Non-Members: $55
**Items marked with the yellow badge (pictured above) are required for course completion for ATA Basic Retail members.**