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Business of Aesthetics Series

Business of Aesthetics Series

Series Description
The Business of Aesthetics series provides tools and tips from leading ASDS experts to improve the business side of your cosmetic dermatology practice, with the following one-hour on-demand sessions.

Maximize the Patient Experience: Increasing Conversion to Further Services
Moderator: Deirdre Hooper, MD
Panelists: Sue Ellen Cox, MD; Lisa Donofrio, MD; Jeffrey Dover, MD, FRCPC; Melanie Palm, MD, MBA

Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies in the Digital Era
Moderator: Michelle Henry, MD
Panelists: Shannon Humphrey, MD; Ava Shamban, MD; Omar Noor, MD; Janelle Vega, MD

Where, When and How to Invest in Emerging Technology
Moderator: Mark Taylor, MD
Panelists: Eric Bernstein, MD, MSE; Catherine DiGiorgio, MD; Suzanne Kilmer, MD; Gilly Munavalli, MD

Practice Startups and Partnerships From Planning to Execution
Moderator: Kavita Mariwalla, MD
Panelists: Amelia Hausauer, MD; Jeffrey Hsu, MD; Sarah Jackson, MD; Julie Karen, MD; Daniel Wasserman, MD

Practice Models From Coast to Coast
Moderator: Heidi Prather, MD
Panelists: Sheila Farhang, MD; Rishi Gandhi, MD; Rosalyn George, MD; Seaver Soon, MD
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