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CFM® Exam Study Course

Purpose. The purpose of the course is to help you better prepare for the exam by assessing your current knowledge and skillset against the many floodplain management topics and concepts. You will also learn what additional training and support materials are available to help you close any knowledge gaps.

This course provides an overview of the process and requirements for becoming a  Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM®) and maintaining the credential through continuing education.

Video Duration: 22 minutes

ASFPM Continuing Education Credits: 0

Topics covered:

  • Exam Overview
  • Exam Preparation
    • Exam subject matter
    • Available Training
    • Study Materials
  • Exam Registration Process
  • Taking the Exam
  • Renewal requirements
  • Certification cycles
  • Eligible activities
  • Related subject matter
  • Available training
  • Appropriate documentation

NFIP Knowledge Checks.
There are 60 questions that can be used to check your knowledge about the NFIP. These are NOT the same questions that are on the CFM exam, but they do cover similar content. Use this to practice and prepare. After submitting the assessment, you will see which questions you missed and will be provided a link for additional study references.


1) Self-Assessment.  The self assessment can be downloaded and completed to rate your own skill level for the various activities that floodplain managers should have proficiency.

2) Assessment to Knowledge Check Crosswalk. This document links the activities to the knowledge checks so that users can have a full picture of how to fill in any gaps in their study and exam preparation.

3) Frequently Asked Questions. Questions and answers on various topics including, exam registration, exam content, taking the exam, and CFM renewal.

All course content herein is the property of ASFPM and may not be reproduced or distributed without permission.