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On-Demand Continuing Medical Education Credits (CMEs) for ASHG 2020 Virtual Meeting

Stop and Read Before Proceeding
If you are applying for credits for the sessions you watched online during the live virtual meeting (October 27-30), please go to this page and read about the new, simpler process for claiming credits for live meeting attendance.

If you are also applying for credits for on-demand sessions (these include workshops and any sessions you did not watch during the week of October 27-30), you are required to complete assessments and should proceed to complete the application below.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Questions or concerns? Please contact

To get started with applying for on-demand credits:
  1. Please make sure that you are logged into your ASHG account (not your virtual meeting login).
  2. Doublecheck before purchasing credits that you are in the correct course! The name above will indicate the credit type. If you have already purchased credits through registration but do not have access, DO NOT purchase again here. Please email us for clarification at the email below. 
  3. Watch the video for any on-demand session you are interested in, and once you reach the end of the video that will you will unlock access to the assessment and survey.
  4. Please make sure to complete this information as the certificate will not be complete without them.
  5. After you have completed the assessment and survey, navigate to the corresponding certificate to generate your certificate with the associated credits.
  6. Certificates will be generated at each session level, not per (speaker) presentation. For a single comprehensive on-demand certificate showing the total credits being requested, please email once you have completed and claimed your desired On-Demand credits. 
  • The deadline to apply for CME credits is Monday, November 30th if you would like to receive your certificate this year. If you would like to receive a certificate next year you can apply until October 25, 2021.
  • The CME assessments/quizzes are mandated by the accrediting body and not by ASHG. Due to the virtual meeting format, in order to receive CME credit each attendee must complete an assessment for each on-deamdn session. 
  • The speakers of each session submitted the questions that are provided for each session assessment.