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Integrating ENCODE Data With Your Research: An Interactive Survey of ENCODE Tools and Resources

This workshop will introduce participants to three important ENCODE resources: 1) The ENCODE data portal, which hosts raw and processed data from over 15 thousand ENCODE and community experiments, 2) SCREEN, a web-based visualization tool for ENCODE annotations such as the Registry of candidate cis-Regulatory Elements, and 3) Juicebox, an innovative genome browser for visualizing 3D contact data (e.g., Hi-C) at continuous resolutions, in the context of one-dimensional annotations such as genes and regulatory elements.

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Learning Objectives:
1. Indicate the scope of ENCODE data, annotations, and efforts and state opportunities for integrating this data with personal research
2. Using the ENCODE data portal, examine how to access raw and processed data from ENCODE experiments.
3. Using SCREEN, examine collections of regulatory elements and the genes they regulate across hundreds of cell and tissue types.
4. Using Juicebox, construct how to visualize and investigate 3D genomic interactions in the context of linear genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic datasets.

Looking for CE credits? (Not available until Friday, Oct. 30, 3:30pm Eastern USA)
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