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ASHT 2021 Live Broadcast Sessions

Pre-Conference and Instructional sessions will be available in On-Demand starting on October 18, 2021.

Sessions will be broadcast live starting October 7, 2021. Almost all sessions that take place in the scheduled broadcast will be recorded and available starting October 18, 2021. The On-Demand portion of the conference will close September 27, 2022.

You can start building out your agenda by clicking the register button within each session page. When the times comes for a session you will receive a notification in email and on the platform that your event is about to start.

Be sure to test your equipment in advance:
  • Please test and check your system at least 15 minutes prior to the event. This includes your network connection, device battery life and speakers.
  • We recommend you use a computer or a tablet for the best experience. The system is not responsive on a cell phone.
  • We recommend you use an up-to-date version of either Chrome or Firefox to access the live broadcast. Other browsers do not work best with the system. To stream a 720p video it takes an internet connection of at least 1.5mbps. You can run a speed test here.