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2021 On-Demand Instructional Sessions

A majority of ASHT's plenary, scientific and instructional concurrent sessions recorded onsite in St. Louis are listed below available from October 18, 2021 through September 27, 2022.
  • To receive CE credit, you must watch the session in full.
  • We recommend you use a computer or a tablet for the best experience. The system is not responsive on a cell phone.
  • We recommend you use an up-to-date version of either Chrome or Firefox to access the On-Demand sessions. Other browsers do not work best with the system. To watch a 720p video it takes an internet connection of at least 1.5mbps. You can run a speed test here.

ASHT's AMC has thoughtfully broken out this year's program content into domains for easier navigation. Listed under each domain is the number of presentations associated with this specified sphere of activity or knowledge.

If a session has a handout available, look under the Resources tab to retrieve the posted details.