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2021 Virtual Hotel Cafe

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To log-in the chat:

  • Select "Guest" log-in and create a username to start chatting.
  • ASHT requests that you use your real name when logging in as a Guest.
  • ChatRoll will not automatically save your chats from day-to-day so make time to share outside contact information if you'd like to stay in contact.
To Start Chatting in the Public Room:
  • Once you are logged in, you can start chatting immediately.
  • To see who is also in the public room, check the list on the right-hand side of the chat window.
To Start a Private Chat:
  • Double-click the person's name in the right-hand column that you would like to privately chat with (they must be in the room to privately message).
  • All logged-in users (to the chatroom) have the ability to start a private chat, however, the recipient has the right to refuse the invitation to private chat
  • Any private chats you are involved in will show up in the left-hand column
  • All users have the ability to erase their own messages in private or public chats. Simply hover over your message and a red X will show up. Click the X and approve the deletion.
  • We would recommend popping the chat room out to a new window. The button to do so is at the bottom right of the green frame.