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Hey, that’s not OK: Bullies, Boundaries, and Allies

Join Dr. Sherry Marts for a special web-based version of her ABRCMS seminar entitled, "Hey, that’s not OK: Bullies, Boundaries, and Allies" .

This webinar introduces trainees to skills to address the sense of vulnerability and stress experienced by targets of harassment. Topics include responding effectively to reduce stress, boost confidence, and put harassers on notice.

Webinar participants will:
  • Review the definitions and indications of harrassment
  • Discover methods to combat harrassment in professional settings
  • Review best practices for being an active bystander
  • Participate in case studies of harrassment in professional settings

: Participants may receive a Certificate of Completion by completing all exercises in the module, including the post-event survey.


Sherry Marts, Ph.D.
, S*Marts Consulting

I am the smarts behind S*Marts Consulting. My personal mojo is a mix of science, advocacy, self-awareness, curiosity, and a keen sense of humor. I am committed to creating a world in which each of us brings our whole self to our work, and each of has the opportunity to work in the way that brings out our best results. I combine the critical thinking skills of a scientist with my experience as a student and teacher of self-defense, meditation, and personal development. I bring a clear focus on what works to create real change for my clients. My work is flavored with humor and an insatiable curiosity about the world and the people in it.


Twitter: @sherrymarts


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