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ABRCMS Online Graduate Student & Postdoc Hub

ABRCMS isn't just for undergrads anymore. We want to provide a space for ABRCMS alumni along with new friends and colleagues. The Hub will host regular discussion and networking sessions for graduate students and postdocs, including but not limited to those who identify as: Black, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders, first-generation, LGBTQIA+, individuals with a disability, and veterans.

As with all ABRCMS Year-round activities, The Hub is free and funded by the ABRCMS NIGMS grant. Individual registration required.

The Hub will be hosted in Remo. If you are new to the platform, watch the intro video here: Remo Intro

First-time registrants will need to create two accounts: one with the American Society for Microbiology upon registration (ABRCMS host organization) and one with Remo (networking platform). 

Spring 2022 Schedule (all times listed in Eastern Time Zone):

Thursday, March 3, 3-4pm ET: Introduction
Thursday, April 7, 3-4pm ET: Advisor/PI relationships
Thursday, May 5, 3-4pm ET: Finding a Good Fit: How to Choose a PI and Lab
Thursday, June 2, 3-4pm ET: Incorporating a Growth Mindset into Grad School
Thursday, July 7, 3-4pm ET: The Hidden Curriculum: What you wish you had known in grad school or postdoc training