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Arise Firebird Documentary: Webinar Discussion


Explore the resilience and empowerment of women and BIPOC professionals as they embark on incredible journeys to overcome inner obstacles and find strength and joy in their professional lives. This inspiring film delves deep into their experiences, showcasing their triumphs and struggles in a world that has often marginalized them.

Arise Firebird celebrates the indomitable spirit of women and people of color in the workplace, highlighting the need for fostering a supportive and engaging environment where every individual can thrive.

Don't miss this remarkable journey of resilience, empowerment and growth. ASM membership is not required to register as this event is open to the public! Please register to secure your spot for an asynchronous screening date, Nov. 10-13. Registration is open through Nov. 9. After registering for this event, you will receive a link to view the documentary anytime between Nov. 10-13. Plus, join us for a live, 1-hour webinar to discuss the documentary and building more inclusive workplaces in the microbial sciences on Nov. 16, 10-11 a.m. EST. Limited seats are available for this free event!

Featured Panelists
Dr. Ari Kozik: Assistant Professor and Co-founder of the Black Microbiologists Association Dr. Pamela McCauley: Dean of the School of Engineering at Widener University Jimi Okubanjo: Filmmaker and Arise Firebird Director

About the Filmmaker: Jimi Okubanjo, a TEDx speaker and experienced leader in the corporate world, produced Arise Firebird based on her multi-industry experience. Her firsthand knowledge sheds light on the challenges senior and experienced woman leaders of color often face in the workplace.

November 16, 2023
Thu 10:00 AM EST

Duration 1H 0M

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