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Fellowship Curriculum

Through a joint effort between the ASNR Fellowship Directors Committee and the Young Professionals Section, we are proud to present a curated Neuroradiology Fellowship Curriculum to help supplement the curricular offerings at your respective institutions.

Lectures and articles have been selected from a variety of sources including the ASNR annual meetings, regional and subspecialty society meetings, webinars, and resources from other organizations. Selected topics have been cross-referenced against the Fellowship Curriculum Document initially created in 2017. This is intended to be an iterative process with annual refinement as new lectures and topics are developed.

Complimentary membership is available for residents & fellows.

Society Acknowledgement
We would like to thank ASHNR, RSNA and ENRS for their generous support of this project by sharing their educational content. Please visit these society pages for further resources and information.

Committee & Volunteer Contributors
This curriculum was developed by the following members of the Fellowship Committee and Young Professionals Section:
  • Advanced Imaging: Anna Trofimova, Jeremy Ford, Ranliang Hu, Eaton Lin, Erik Middlebrooks
  • Brain: Aparna Singhal, Shayan Anwar, Harp Bedi, Richard Beegle, Susana Calle
  • Head & Neck: Mohit Agarwal, Elizabeth George, Mari Hagiwara, Benjamin Huang, Valeria Potigailo
  • Interventional Neuroendovascular: Charlotte Chung, James Milburn, George Vilanilam
  • Noninterpretive/Finance: Richard Silbergleit, James Chen, Mohiuddin Hadi, Matthew Kiczek, Parisa Mazaheri, David A. Pastel
  • Pediatric: Stephen Kralik, Julie Guerin, Yi Li, Lily Wang
  • Spine: Anousheh Sayah, Amit Aggarwal, Karen Buch, Ameya Nayate, Jacob Ormsby

Committee & Volunteer Leadership
  • Mari Hagiwara, MD, ASNR Fellowship Directors Committee Chair
  • Erik Middlebrooks, MD, ASNR Fellowship Directors Committee Vice Chair
  • Anna V. Trofimova, MD, PhD, ASNR Young Professionals Committee Chair
  • Judith A. Gadde, MD, ASNR Young Professionals Committee Vice Chair