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"Crack Sizing of Welds Using TFM and PA" Webinar Recording

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Phased Array UT is a common inspection technique used for a wide variety of inspection and measurement applications, and can be used for any job done by conventional ultrasonics. PAUT is used to detect and image defects including cracks, voids, and pits caused by corrosion. It can also be used to measure material and coating thickness and to detect changes in material properties. The Total Focusing Method (TFM) is an advanced ultrasonic array technique which is used to synthetically focus at every point of a region of interest. This webinar focuses on the analysis of both PAUT and TFM data of weld inspections. The presenter will go through the analysis of common weld discontinuities for different inspection strategies. The following two examples will be addressed:

  • Encoded 2PAUT + TOFD
  • Encoded TFM
The ultrasonic testing inspector should come away from the webinar with a better idea of how to put more advanced techniques into practice as part of their inspection arsenal.