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"Leadership Is NOT Rocket Science" Webinar Recording

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Impostor Syndrome is the single most significant roadblock to you reaching your greatest potential. This secret self-doubt causes talented people to second-guess their abilities and live with overwhelming anxiety and feelings of isolation. Even while performing exceptionally well, you fear your success is undeserved and will evaporate with the slightest slip-up.

There’s a way out from this fear. By changing your thinking with the “Fraud-Free Framework” process, you can begin to enjoy your success, be proud of your abilities, enhance your creativity, and experience a new level of influence. You’ll feel great about being great!

In this session, you will:

  • Understand the causes and symptoms of the Impostor Syndrome.
  • Learn the 3 steps to turn your thoughts from pitiful to powerful.
  • Explore how connecting with peers can diffuse your fraud feelings.
  • Learn a simple (but often overlooked) technique that will instantly match your confidence to your competence so you can unleash your influence.

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